Maria Ishu has over thirty years of experience in quilt making and and sewing. A worldwide traveler, Maria has lived in Japan, South America and the United States. She blends stylistic elements from many cultures to create truly unique and artistic designs.

All of her products are personally created and Made in the USA.

5 thoughts on “About Maria Ishu”

  1. Finally had a chance to look at your web site. Love it, and the quilts are amazing.
    Love all the things you came up with to make and share. I will be ordering in the near future I am sure. Keeo me in mind for any new products too.

  2. I love the quality of Maria’s work and the detail she puts into it. It’s nice to display items that have your personal choice of colors and/or designs. Maria has many selections in all of her items and she can do seasonal for most of her materials too. I especially love my table runner and kitchen towels (which hang on my oven handle and don’t fall off). I have several of her baby bibs that have been through 5 grandchildren and ready for a 6th because they are made so well. I am not only proud to display the items I have but to give them as gifts!!!

  3. I got one of her baby ice-cream mobiles and it was a hit at the baby shower I went to !! Great work, love the colors !! So creative !!!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the over the head bibs! They have been used with all 4 of my kids and survived every mess that they have made. Cute designs, easy to wash, and the over the head design is perfect for deterring little ones who are always trying to pull traditional velcro bibs off. This has become a must have baby gift item for all of my friends!

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